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Delilicious – The Outside Caterer Edinburgh recognise our most valuable assets at Deli-Licious Catering are the people who work for us. And this is why we are renowned for excellent service as well as great food.

Our employees are proud to work for our outside catering business and we take great pride in what they do. We invest heavily in training and development at every level within the food service industry and offer personal support that is second to none.

Employees at Deli-Licious Catering are happy to go the extra mile – in the knowledge that they get back what they put in. Their skills, creativity and career potential are nurtured and rewarded. We ensure every individual is recognised through our incentives and reward schemes. In our open culture, everyone has a voice and is treated with respect and dignity. That’s one of the things that make us different.

This investment in our employees leads to a great atmosphere within the wide variety of our catering environments. Staff are friendly and pro-active, providing the best possible service. All our venues are busy, vibrant places, each influenced by the company we are catering for, but with a unique atmosphere of their own. And this is largely down to the people who work there. Our staff will work within your company and treat it as their own, reflecting the high standards and professionalism you expect.

At Deli-Licious Catering we reward creativity. Innovation is celebrated. We may serve thousands of customers every day through our outlets, but we don’t believe in uniformity. We employ the best staff available within the contract catering business.

Heading the catering division of Deli-Licious Catering is an Award Winning chef who excels at providing innovative menus and sourcing the freshest, finest and local ingredients. We’re as passionate about our staff as we are about our food. And the results speak for themselves.

Event Co-Ordinators
& Planners

At Deli-Licious Catering, our event coordinators and planners work one-on-one with clients to ensure that every event is personalized and characteristic of them. One will find how easy it is to create the event of your dreams with our expert coordination and support team. Utilising unlimited resources and years of experience, our specialists are attentive to every detail, enabling you to create a unique and memorable atmosphere that will engage your guests and leave an impression in their minds for years to come. Our event coordinators brainstorm, think outside the box and dream up creative ideas in order to go above and beyond for you. From transforming a space with lighting and décor, to working with our culinary team to create an innovative menu, we are all about the details that will set your event apart from the rest.


Our highly trained and professional Hospitality staff will make sure that your event goes as planned. We offer a wide range of highly-trained staff to meet your events and hospitality needs. All staff are meticulously chosen and monitored by our management team to ensure that our clients receive professional and customer-focused service, which is the key to maintaining our reputation for providing the quality and understanding you deserve. Through our industry leading training programme our hospitality staff understand that great service and meticulous attention to detail make all the difference to your event being a complete success.

Maitre ‘D &
Hospitality Managers

All of our Hospitality Managers & Maitre ‘Ds are experienced professionals and recognised in their field as leaders. You will find that our hospitality managers and Maitre ‘Ds have all the qualities that you need when organising an event – coolness under pressure, efficient, great charm and discretion.

Chefs & Gastronomy
Menu Designers

Our classically trained Chefs and Menu Designers have years of experience, gained from some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants and hotels. They constantly challenge their skills with new, innovative approaches producing exceptional results.

Awards won by Delilicious

Healthy living award presentation-2

Healthy living award presentation – Award winning caterers

  • 2015 – Midlothian Best Outside Caterer (Public Vote)
  • 2014 – Scottish Weddings Best Caterer
  • 2014 – Midlothian Best Outside Caterer (Public Vote)
  • 2013 – Midlothian Best Outside Caterer (Public Vote)
  • 2013 – Healthy Living Award
  • 2013 – Zero Waste Scotland
  • 2012 – Midlothian Outside Caterer Runner Up
Environmental policy

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Outside Caterer Edinburgh

At Deli-Licious, we are not only passionate about our food; we are also an environmentally responsible company and have spent a great deal of time selecting the packaging we use to deliver our excellent food. To ensure that our strict criteria of food miles, recyclability, hygiene, presentation of food and also the freshness of the food, we made the decision to use PET plastic trays and lids. By using these we can ensure fewer journeys for carbon emissions by our vehicles, complete hygiene as they cannot chip and allow germs/bacteria to hide. This packaging is 100% recyclable as they are made from the same material as carbonated juice bottles and can be recycled in the same manner.
Deli-Licious are also proud to be one of the first companies in the UK to use sandwich wedge boxes that are 100% fully bio-degradable. Our carton board and coatings used for our sandwich wedges can biodegrade in the right conditions in approximately 14 weeks. The clear material used for the windows is made from 100% corn starch. The inks, varnishes and coatings for the printing and lining the carton board are water based and food grade safe.

In addition to our packaging we also use local suppliers and insist they source materials/produce locally so as to reduce unnecessary vehicle emissions without impacting on quality. However we don’t just stop there, we are currently looking at our fleet of vehicles and alternative methods of fuels such as electric and hydrogen powered vans. Watch this space to see how we progress!

If you have any questions about our packing or would like to find out how you can help us save the environment please use the Contact Us page.

Environmental policy
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Outside Caterer Edinburgh

Healthy Living

Outside Caterer Edinburgh -As consumers become increasingly more discerning about what they eat, recent trends indicate that there is an increasing demand for healthier choices in the workplace and in catering establishments throughout Scotland. As a company who supplies catering to hundreds of consumers on a daily basis we feel a strong responsibility to meet this increasing demand by adopting the methods outlined in the Scottish Healthy Living Award Scheme.

We ensure that fruit and vegetables are always readily available as well as low fat alternatives to many menu staples such as milk, yoghurts and dressings. There are numerous methods which can be adopted to provide healthy eating choices and the Deli-Licious Catering team are committed to ensuring a happier and healthier customer base, whether it’s an office worker having a buffet lunch or a family enjoying their Sunday Lunch.

For the above reasons, Deli-Licious Catering is working towards gaining the Healthy Living Award in every outlet.

Hygiene, Health & Safety

In a business where hygiene, health and safety are paramount to the welfare of all concerned Deli-Licious Catering take our responsibility very seriously. All our operations operate with a comprehensive Hygiene, Health and Safety Manual that is updated on a regular basis as new Regulations come into force. We cannot overstate the critical importance we place on maintaining the highest standard of health, safety and food hygiene throughout our entire operation.

Many of our clients take interest in how we manage the risks associated with all that we do on their sites. Our dedicated Health & Safety team is responsible for keeping us up to date with all current and new legislation and industry best practise.

Also, in this current climate of a much higher awareness of environmental issues, we are currently focusing on attaining industry standards (ISO14001) in order to demonstrate our commitment and contribution to this caring for the environment.


In a climate where attracting competent staff is a challenge we place a great deal of emphasis on induction and training. The Induction manual provides the manager with guidance on appraising staff and developing the unit training plan.


Training is fundamental to the success of our outside catering business. We take the welfare and development of our staff seriously and adopt a structured approach toward their training and development. The training we provide has two key elements, firstly the Legislative training such as Food Hygiene, HACCP, Health and Safety, COSHH and Fire Safety Procedures.

Secondly, we provide a full range of in house training as a means of supporting our business, growing our own people for succession and delivering the benefits that will accrue to our client through a well-trained workforce.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance programme is based on measuring our performance in a transparent manner through the use of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that includes a number of Key Performance Indicators, (KPI’s). Prior to the commencement of a new contract we would agree the operating targets with the client and detail these within the SLA. At the end of each quarter our performance will be measured using the SLA. This system provides a tangible method of determining progress and driving continuous improvement.

Targets are not set in tablets of stone. The SLA should not be seen as a straight jacket and can be amended to suit a change in the needs of the client as deemed appropriate. By continually monitoring and assessing standards we maintain full control over the quality of our service. Our quality system provides our clients with a level of real time management information that is invaluable in setting business objectives.